something was missing

May 23, 2007

Sometimes I get the feeling I’m missing something. I’m sure we all do that. Think we forgot our wallet, keys, left the oven on, or whatever else may come to mind. Yesterday it dawned on me as I lay in bed I haven’t masturbated in weeks. Weird, huh? I’ve been so busy of late with the shift change and new hobby I just haven’t. This led me to a conclusion…

I need to get laid. I handled things this morning, and while it was good as always, I just really need intercourse with another person. It has been around 6 months since last I did the horizontal mambo. That was in LA, with LA, on the floor of her living room. I won’t go into details, but it was some great sex. Thinking about it now, I am extremely ‘excited’ and since I’m at work I have no way to alleviate.

My point is, sometimes when you realise you’re missing something it eats at you. So now I have sex on the brain. For example, a decet looking chick that sits near me just stretched, arching her back, hands behind head, neck stretched, breasts pushed out, and all I could picture was her under or on top of me doing that. I honestly don’t think about so much when I’m at work, but now in my mind nearly every woman is my lover and sweaty with the effort.

So in summation, I need to get laid. It would do me a world of good. Things are going well right now, I’m in a good mood overall, and that would elevate things to a new high. That would be nice. Only problem is, I cant make that particular thing happen.


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