other news

May 21, 2007

In other news…

  • I’m checking out this chick at work right now, and I can safely say she has a pretty nice body. Slim, nice ass, nice rack, and height is just right. From the neck up she’s not so cute. Is that bad of me?
  • I sent an old school acquaintance, that lived above me before the move, to the ex for some help in buying a house. At least getting the ball rolling on it and doing research. Maybe she’ll get off my back a little now.
  • I’m not really thinking much about the situation with LA. I know it happened, but honestly I think beyond caring at this point. I’ve been stretched thin by her and finally have snapped. She calls she calls. She don’t, she don’t. Honestly, all of this changes nothing in my life with the exception of having one less thing to dwell on and hate myself for.
  • I heart Josy. We were playing LOTRO this weekend, and it was just fun. She always makes me laugh, and I hope I can return the favor.
  • My first week of first shift was good. This morning I woke late, but such is life. I wasn’t late to work.
  • The bass playing is coming along well, I think. I’m having fun and building up my callouses. All in good time.
  • I am again reminded of how bad I am with money, because I’m bordering on broke and gas prices aren’t helping. I should probably get a second job.
  • I’m hoping to get another NIM Radio put together this weekend. The last week has just been hectic. Then again, I think two people actually listened to it.
  • My car needs an oil change.

All I can think of for now. Hope you guys had a good weekend.


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