slappin’ mah bass

May 17, 2007

I did it. I went ou and rented a bass and amp. So far I’m enjoying it, but my fingers are killing me today. It will not deter me, though. Because I am enjoying it, after all. I think I’m gonna be a slapper, too. I love da funk.

The C scale is hard on my pinky, and I’m having difficulty getting my finger where it needs to be for notes, but slowly I’ve improved on it. Simple? Yes, but you have to start somewhere. Dan told me I can’t stop, even after my fingers bleed. I’m being told they will bleed. Not sure I like that thought, but such is life.

In related news, I was looking for tabs and to my horror found that the MPA is forcing them to be removed. Tabs are, for those who don’t know, sheet music for lazy people who don’t want to learn notation. They give the same effect without the difficulty. Example:

It tells you what string, and what fret. Really easy. So the MPA is cracking down on the sharing of music, I guess because it was cutting into music book sales? People were recording and producing and making money off the songs you can find? Or maybe it’s because they’re real assholes? My vote is for the latter statement.

I have a free lesson at the Louisville School of Rock I plan to use, and may take more when I have the money. For now, I’m happy slapping my rented bass at home and trying to stretch my pinky for c scale practice.


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