online dating

May 9, 2007

Now, I’ve used online dating sites in the past with limited success. Made contact then spoke on the phone with a lady, only to discover she was a bit insane. Met the FB that way, needless to say that went well (bowchicabowow). And spoke with plenty of other interesting and not so interesting females along the way. How many women do I talk to in real life? Zilch. Yeah, I’m a digital pimp but it doesn’t extend beyond that.

I am however currently speaking to a lady that seems rather nice, is pretty, and has a goofy wit. Top that off with a love for Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and I’m pretty interested. But that also means playing the roles. Not games really, but I do believe there are some rules involved. These being X amount of message lead to IMs. X amount of IMs lead to the telephone. X amount of calls lead to a face to face.

But where are these rules? Who came up with them? Truth is they don’t exist, but we like to think so. So I’m cruising along talking with her and decide screw it. I’m trying to not progress too fast in things anymore (has led me to problems a couple times with some crazy chicks) but come to find out that comes off as being unconfident. So I step it up and say “Wanna get some ice cream?” Bold she liked, but too soon. Long story short, she has my phone number and knows my name and is free to call any time she likes. Course, I will have a message waiting for me when I get home that decides if it moves any farther. Time will tell.

As far as online women go, I get some hotties. Cuties at the very least. This continues to baffle me. They also are usually fairly smart (one was a frigging biochemist with a ghetto booty). This baffles me, to be honest. I don’t think I’m ugly but I hardly feel like I’m handsome either. Perhaps I should accept the fact I am at least somewhat attractive and let my ego be boosted a little, but I worry about becoming an ass about it. Could help the confidence too, though.

This new lady is slim, blonde, funny, and has a very cute smile. I sit astonished, as usual. she’s also 25, which is about as close to my age as any of them have been since the ex. I do worry I won’t live up to the hype in person. I’ll write more about it when there’s more to tell.


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