I hope…

May 8, 2007
  • I can find a new job soon, preferably on first shift.
  • I can get over the women in my life enough to start having one.
  • one of them comes to their senses and to me.
  • my money problems don’t last.
  • I remember to make bread when I get home.
  • I can quit smoking sooner rather than later.
  • my son grows up to be a greater man than I am.
  • my penis never falls off.
  • I can find the courage to ask a girl out.
  • I don’t get depressed if I get rejected.
  • I can actually finish writing Crimson Elevator.
  • if I do finish it, I have the courage to submit it for publication.
  • my hair doesn’t look bad, though I know it usually does.
  • I win the lottery this year.
  • I hope it’s more than $3.
  • I can feel comfortable in my life.
  • I do yoga again today.
  • I go back to dance lessons.
  • it’s with a partner.
  • people actually enjoy reading this.

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