the park

May 7, 2007

The weather was like out of a dream. A litle warm, but a decent breeze. Hardly a cloud in the sky. Sunshine covering everything. On such a day there is only one thing me and my son can possibly do, and that is go to the park.

The park is an interesting place for me. Almost an experiment and breeding ground for pushing my limits in social interaction. Plus some MILFs occassionally show up. Take today, a rather good looking woman walks by and I comment to the ex on this. The rest of the conversation was something like this:

“But she looks about 10.”
“She has two kids and is pregnant.”
“That just means she puts out.”
“She’s about to pop!”
“Yeah, I’d pop her.”

The ex told me I was disgusting, but laughed anyways and claimed she wasn’t laughing at that. BS, I say. I like doing this with my ex. It’s funny. There was another lady there she commented on to which I replied “Yeah, she’s got a nice ass, but she’s a terrible mother, has no chest, and obviously thinks she’s black.” Yes, she had the whole rap video hoochie momma thingamabobber going on.

We’ve done such things before, and it’s always a pleasure. We get along rather well and always have, excepting certain situations of course. Overall, we complement each other. It’s one reason why I’d take her back. She’s my straight man. When I crack a joke or make a comment, she’s there to rebuke it. We’re like Laurel and Hardy, except I’m better looking than Laurel and her bewbs are smaller than Hardy’s… Butt’s about the same size though. 😛

So it was a fun time at the park. It also helps assure me I’m a decent parent, because I can see really horrible ones that yell attheir kids for being kids, ignore them, and various other bits showing a general lack of caring for their offspring. I smoke, but not around my son. Some of these people smoke and hold babies. WTF? But such is life.

So I had a good day, and hopefully we can go to the park again tomorrow. Though I doubt there will be ice cream again.


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