flirting and a sunburn

May 3, 2007

I’m a human being, and as such, I do like flirting. Whether the other person is receptive or not. Now this is not an easy feat for me. Flirting with strangers is difficult, because I have to wonder how receptive they are, if I should push forward, stop, or if they’re flirting back at all. Flirting with women you know is much easier. I like flirting with the ex, she usually doesn’t flirt back but I think she likes it too. I know her well enough that if she didn’t she’d let me know. If for some reason I’m wrong, please tell me.

The fact she’s my ex means there are few barriers short of graphic descriptions of sexual acts I would perform on and with her given a chance to do so. That’s a line I won’t cross. But jokes about breasts, butts, and various other body parts are fair game. Example:

Today the ex is talking about a sunburn, so I say “I’ll take a look.” She lifts the back of her shirt, and it was pretty bad. I drag her to the bathroom, hike the shirt up more and put some lotion on for her. I would do that for any female friend. Male.. not so much, but you get the idea. I am at that point able to take it further “So how’s the front? Need some there too? Or maybe below the waist? Anything I should kiss and make better?” She laughs. I laugh and smile. Hopefully she feels a bit more attractive, and I feel good being able to be flirty with her as I would almost any female friend. The only difference? I have seen her naked. Later she showed much cleavage inspecting more sunburn. I was very pleased.

Long story short, flirting is fun and a bit of an ego boost. It expresses my desires in a fun non threatening way, and hopefully she feels sexier. All good harmless fun all around. Were I any other guy I doubt things could go that way. I suppose I should be glad we have that kind of a relationship, something more than friends but also not just “baby daddy.” I can only hope she gets sunburned on her butt more, so maybe I can put lotion there too.


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