research is fun

May 2, 2007

So, for the Crimson Elevator I have to do research on mythological figures of various regions, namely Persia at the moment. It is really interesting to get into various religions, cults, and movements that are long dead or very localized.

 raligon r neet

Update: So now I’ve strayed into the territory of Gypsys in the Middle East (known as Dom, or the more derogatory Nawar). It’s been intresting to see where this research takes me. Dance as prayer was the initiating search, particularly in middle eastern cultures. It’s very exciting to see where this brings the character of Manizheh in terms of being fleshed out. She now has an identity bigger than I had expected to start with. I feel like her story alone is a tale in itself, but would run parallel to that of Walin and Allura, until a collision point later on.

And it all started with a prayer made physical. I only hope I can do the idea justice when I put it on the page.


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