uneventful day and night

April 5, 2007

Sometimes I feel stupid for caring so much about people I shouldn’t care that much for. This causes stress and sadness sometimes, but not much these days. These same people can turn my day from bad to good, though. Kind of funny, really.

LA called me last night. I was at work, it was 4:30 (1:30 in CA), and my phone rang. I rushed to pull it out, because I always assume the worst when someone calls me that late. It was LA, and I answered quickly with “Hey! Everything okay?!”

Everything was. She just wanted to talk, and maybe missed me I would like to think. Well, the night wasn’t great, and I was tired. Hearing from her cheered me up. I missed her a lot, and didn’t realize how much until she called. Strange how that happens.

No cookies were made today. Tomorrow. Maybe my son will stay the night Saturday.

Can’t wait for dance classes tomorrow. A standard waltz will be the subject.

Today was a good day, simply because it wasn’t a bad one. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta be glad nothing bad happened.


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