April 3, 2007

This is the error my computer gave me, following the BSOD. A rare sight in this day and age, honestly. So the thing restarts. It then tells me it can’t find the operating system.

-.- <— that was my face for about an hour. I thought “Maybe it’s spyware. Gotta watch where I get my porn from.” So I start running AdAware. Before finishing it crashes again.

O.o <— That was my face then. So I thought “Boot virus? Or maybe some other nasty bug from those infested porn sites.” So I restart, get the missing OS message again (several times), and finally when it restarts Norton’s is the only thing running. Until it crashes again.

>.< <—- That’s me right now. The thing is practically unusable right now. I’m thinking maybe I need a new one. That one’s passed well beyond being obsolete about two years ago. But it still did everything I wanted it to without too many problems that couldn’t be fixed by just watching the porn sources. Until now.

I’ve looked into it and have a couple of options here. Get a new PC, which is not an option because of the cost. Change the BIOS settings, which could really damage it. Or I could replace the hard drive, because since it’s not seeing the OS it could mean the drive is screwed up. It’s the same drive that came with the thing, so it’s seen a lot of use. Luckily I have a second drive in it already (it’s where all that dirty porn goes to stay, safe and sound next to my Angel collection) and could find my discs and reinstall to that drive, make it the master, and hopefully all would be well with the world, except that the C: is where EVERYTHING IS THAT’S NOT PORN.

Time to try and backup, burn archives to DVD, and pray I can find those discs. Be easier to buy a new HD, but I probably can’t afford that either. Would be a nice opportunity to get a much bigger HD though. Mmmmmm… 500 gigs…. RAWR!

So yeah, that’s the biggest problem right now. Honestly, if that’s the most I’m worried about I guess I’m doing alright.


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