all moved in

April 1, 2007

Well, it’s finally official. I am moved into my new apartment. I am giddy.. well, elated at least. Giddy would be pushing it in my case for almost anything short of meeting Sandra Bullock, and only if she was freshly divorced, naked except for a smile, and in my lap. But really who wouldn’t be giddy at that point?

The new place feels like home. The old not so much, and the first before that felt like my own little section in hell. I wouldn’t call this heaven but I am much better. The only thing missing is a microwave. You never realize just how much you need a microwave until you don’t have one.

But let’s go over the good things about this place:

  1. I am living alone again. That means I’m am completely naked in my living room right now and nobody’s gonna be saying anything about it cause there is no one here but me.
  2. This place is way more centrally located. Close to grocery store, fast food, banks, and the studio where I take dance lessons.It is farther from the home of my son, which kind of sucks, but not so far out as to be a massive undertaking coming and going with him in tow. I’m sure the ex has a different view, but if she’ll remember correctly she seemed a bit pissed I was living so close at first.
  3. I am on the bottom floor, and noone lives above me. These are all single story buildings, which is great. I’m on the end near the parking lot too, so it makes groceries easy to do.
  4. Built in shelves. While in general I wouldn’t agree to this concept, when you have a fuckton of books and no shelving it’s a godsend for organization and cleanliness.
  5. I can open my windows and let natural light in. Also means saving on the electric. Speaking of that, I control the air and heat and can be sure to maintain the electrical savings from here on out.
  6. The kitchen is pretty big. I don’t cook often, but I like a lot of space.
  7. I have a porch with a privacy fence. No real reason for liking this, but I do. Also past “activities” outdoors have proven it a god thing, if you know what I mean. 😉

Now the bad..

  1. No microwave. I realized after moving in that many things I prepare need to be microwaved, either on preparation or upon later dining.
  2. The rent is more than I was wanting to pay, but I’m so happy about it this isn’t a huge problem… yet.
  3. I live alone. Yes, I complained about a roommate, and am not a very socialperson but nobody’s even close enough to just drop by if they wanted to. Why they would, I have no idea, but you never know.
  4. The old apartment had bushes in front of the window, so no biggie if I say forgot to close the blinds and walked in front it naked. No such luck here. I believe I flashed the neighbors once already. >.<
  5. The showerhead is low. Sounds like a strange missive, but it’s annoyin at most and no real biggie either. Nthing is perfect, and it’s usually the small imperfections we see the most.

That’s all I can come up with for now. I’m sure as time goes on others will come up, but until then I can’t really complain too much. I mean, look at that list of negatives. It’s pathetic!

Long story short, living alone again is everything I was expecting. I’m already much happier about things. Sure, not everything’s here, like the vaccuum cleaner, but for all intents and purposes I am moved in. It’s good to be home again.

As far as the vacation, I spent it moving in until my son stayed the night. Tonight I did absolutely nothing and it was good. I intend to do the same tomorrow. Then Monday is back to work for me. A week is never long enough for anything when you’re happy. Mexico, LA’s visit here, my visit to LA, my vacation now… It’s amazing how time sneaks up on you sometimes.

Hop you have a good week and weekend too.



  1. That’s great that you feel all moved in…Being in a new place with your own stuff and feeling at home…The microwave thing is a need for the single man. What happens now? You get that great feeling of being able to do anything you want, anytime you want, such as writting in this blog in with the dangle hanging…But what happens when your boy isn’t there or your boyz are paired up with wives and girlfriends? and your left to yourself??? See what happens, ha, you want to punch me in the stomach? Think of me as a wuss who needs to suck it up? ha I had a weak moment and it played out in a hastly worded comment to a cyber friend on a comment board…nothing more…Here’s hoping that you don’t find that same weak moment in the comming months of being in your blissful”i happy to be living alone” phase.

  2. Who the hell is Maverick and how the hell is there someone else out there as angry and bitter as you??? Holy shit. If that is a dude, befriend him quickly. If that is a chick…hook up and try making one another happy. At least it’s a new angle on the present.

  3. He’s a dude that also reads “Charming, but single”. You should too. Can be quite entertaining.

  4. Actually, I do. She is GREAT! I added her to my favorites so I could check back occassionally. Her take on things is pretty familiar.

  5. My blog was like a gateway to other addictive blogs. Probably better ones. lol Such is life.

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