my sincerest gratitude

March 21, 2007

I made apologies in the past, and now I think I should send out a few thank yous. One thing I’ve noticed in life is that people forget to say thank you sometimes. Perhaps someone held open a door. Maybe they held the elevator for you. Gave you the cart they were using at Wal-Mart so you had one before going in. Were pleasant and smiling when taking your order.

These are small things, I agree, but I’ve mentioned being an unsung hero, and these are things that make people heroes.

Thank you to the ladies at Starbucks, because when I get my coffee I’m in the middle of work, miserable, and in desperate need of a pickmeup. The coffee is poured fast, the smiles are warm, and the banter is cheerful. (the guys there aren’t as friendly though.)

Thank you to my son, for being the best son anyone could want. You cheer me up and make me proud. When I wonder if I’m being a good father you remind me I am by being filled with awesome and goodness.

Thank you to my dad, for showing what a good father doesn’t do. You also taught me that sometimes the lessons don’t come just from being shown what to do but also by seeing what not to do.

Thank you to to  my job for keeping me employed and able to pay my bills. But that doesn’t mean I hate you any less.

Thank you to my ex, for teaching me a lot about myself. Teaching me that happiness shouldn’t be placed in a person, but amplified by their presence. That it’s okay to be imperfect, as long as you put forth the effort. That you can be happy for someone you love, even if they love someone else. And lastly, that you can be friends with your ex.

Thanks to WordPress, for hosting this blog. It’s been very therapeutic.

Thank you to the lady at work that brings the Girl scout cookies. You’re sold out of Thin Mints, but I still appreciate you giving me the heads up on when they’ll be in.

Thank you to my body. Despite the abuse I put you through, you still work. While I’m not happy about the way you carry on sometimes, I’m grateful to have you. We’ve been through some really good times together.

Thank you to my penis. You are amazing. ‘Nuff said.

Thank you to internet porn, for allowing me to use that amazing penis.

Thank you to Charming, of Charming but Single, for the entertainment and sometimes insight into the mind of a woman. PS Not on your blogroll! I’m so deleting you from my myspace! 😛

Lastly thank you to everyone else in humanity. While I often feel alone, I never really am. While I often wonder if things are safe for my son, I also see things that reassure my faith in humanity. When I’ve seen so many murders, rapes, and kidnappings on the news I also get a small serving of the fluff about a kid that saved their brother from a fire. The good Samaritan that helped someone being mugged. A woman who’s adopted 20+ children in her life.

There are many more thank yous I owe, I’m sure, but these are the only ones to come to mind. To everyone else I forgot, thank you for being a friend to me. I appreciate it more than you realize.


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