if you keep your mouth shut, you don’t have to apologize

March 14, 2007

This lesson seems an obvious one, but sometimes I forget this little fact. I have opinions about everything. And I mean it. Even if I know nothing about something, I have an opinion about it. Sometimes I just think maybe something could have been differently. Like, for no particular reason at all, renting office space.

Hypothetically speaking, say someone rented office space for their own business. Again hypothetically, say they signed a three year lease. Let’s speculate more and say that the business is having a rough time of it, as many small businesses do in the first few years. Now let’s pretend I have an opinion on that fact, and it is (possibly) counterproductive to the goals of said business owner. Things devolve into an argument, and further devolve into hurtling insults. Truths, yes, but you tell a truth knowing and with the intention that it will hurt someone else, it becomes an insult.

In said situation, which totally didn’t happen today, I was.. I mean would, truly only be expressing my view. Not trying to be mean (though possibly taking a quick jab at another person involved) or anything, really. But it was insulting.

If a situation comes up similar to this one, which again is completely fictional, my suggestion is to apologize, or better yet just don’t say anything at all. I suppose that is, I mean would be, all in hindsight, because originally there was no vicious intent. Simply stating an opinion.

Did I mention none of this actually happened?


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