ballroom fridays 2

March 14, 2007

So far I’m fairly happy with this. It’s rough, very very rough, but I think I like the idea enough to keep up with it.  Names have been changed, because I don’t know how the people I’m basing this on would feel about it, yet. The name will likely have to change eventually, but for now the story will centralize around the Friday dance classes. Save a title change for later.

I’m not extremely pleased with today’s, but it keeps things going. I want to show the relationships of the people involved without it seeming forced, and it may take experimenting to do that. Please, leave comments on these entries. I need the feedback.

Int. Office setting-day

So, you went to ballroom dancing lesson?

Yeah. It was just five bucks to be entertained for a few hours.

You went to dance lessons? The guy who said
he wouldn’t dance at our wedding?

Cut me some slack. That was years ago.

Only about three.

Well, I also was an asshole back then.

You’re still an asshole, Mike.

Well, yeah, but not as much. Do you want to hear
about it or not?

Yes, I do, but I’m busy working.

You haven’t done anything since I got here!

Because you’re distracting me.
Are you going to the park?

Most likely, the weather’s so nice it’d be a shame not to.
Plus there’s hot single moms to check out.

Come give mommy a kiss.

Peter, four years old, runs into the room, jumps into Lesli’s arms and gives her a kiss.

You be a good boy for, daddy. Okay?
And Mike, be careful. And give him a bath.
And he hasn’t eaten in a while. And don’t let him
play Warcraft anymore!

Yeah yeah. See ya later.

Peter and Mike exit the office.

 To be continued….


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