it pays to be obvious…

March 12, 2007

…especially if you have a reputation for subtlety.
Isaac Asimov

I was digging for inspiration again, so I visted quotationpages again. This was a quote of the day a while back, and after an event earlier I thought it good to talk about how I’m half ninja.

Yes, I’m half ninja. I know this because I have the uncanny ability to sneak up on people, even when they’re looking right at me. I scared a lady at work like that. I walked over to talk to her briefly and she was looking right at me. I waited to be acknowledged, and what I got was an “OH!” How the hell do you not someone standing right in front of you?

This came up today because I went outside to smoke and there was a group of people by the door I came out. I step out, then aside, and light up. I’m standing there for a few minutes when one of them looks right at me and says “How long have you been standing there?” Raising an eyebrow as I do in situations that are insanely idiotic I said only a minute or so. “I didn’t even see you!” My reply of being half ninja garnered many a giggle.

But it goes beyond just my physical subtlety. I am so subtle I’m shy. Take SC. I send off many queues to her (small talk, joking, poking fun a bit, etc.) but am I being strong enough? Likely not. My social skills are not very good, but I’m working at it. Then the question becomes is she being receptive and reciprocating those advances or just friendly because it’s her job and I’m a customer?

So I’m a ninja both physically and socially. I show up when I’m least expected (usually by accident, though I’m convinced I’d make a great stalker) and generally scare people with my presence/response. I’m working on biting my tongue when it comes to strangers’ conversations. For example…

I was in Starbucks preparing my coffee and behind me was some sort of women’s Christian group meeting, I assumed because of the conversation. Some woman was talking about her sister, who was in jail again (of course it wasn’t her fault completely, she was just caught up in it all) and her response was “So I’m praying for her.” Immediately in my head I screamed out “How about actually helping her? Praying is all fine and dandy, but I doubt god will show up in court and say “Nah guys. She’s with me. It’s cool.” But I refrained from sharing bit of insight with total strangers who weren’t expecting a verbal assault on their methods of helping someone in trouble.

I’m also working on being nicer to people around me, starting on WoW. Most of this will be foreign to you, but for further explanation just ask. I’m in VC with a Pally who is just a retard, not to mention the rogue is completely clueless, and we are wiping quite a bit. Me (a mage) and the shammy are whispering each other about these complete nubcakes, chuckling and having a good old time. We drew aggro from mobs in the front and a pat from behind, because the rogue ran ahead like a retard and pulled them before we killed the pat. So we’re fighting, fighting, fighting, and the shammy dies (who was healing), then the noob rogue, then the other guy, finally it’s me and the paladin. Unfortunately being a glass cannon I don’t last long without heals, so I’m dead and it’s just the pally. His health is low but his mana’s fine, and we killed most of the mobs. We should have gotten out of it without a corpse run. SHOULD have.

He should have bubbled and healed. What he did was Lay on Hands, which completely depleted his mana, so he had one shot. No luck. He fucked up bad, and we corpse ran back. Luckily the shammy was keen on me, so she just rezzed me and I didn’t have to actually run.

Did I say anything? Nope. Nothing at all. Later we had a newb rogue again, and I was nice enough to teach him some raid etiquette, and not in a mean way. I’m working at it.  Next is be nicer to people I know in real life.

As far as my stealthiness it comes down to confidence, which the dancing lessons will help out a lot, and I plan on going back every week. So soon those problems will be solved, and I will be a better person for it.

The wheels of progress turn slowly, but as long they’re turning you’re getting somewhere.


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