a weird sense of balance

March 5, 2007

I think I’m reaching a poitn of balance in things, for the moment at least. Today I feel good. I don’t mean just good, I mean really good. I hesitate to say great, but I’m on the border.

My son was an angel today, as usual. I slept well, but still woke up on time. I’m looking forward to the move and living alone. An immense sense freedom. It was just a good day. But that’s not the balance I’m talking about.

I had a triangled discussion with my ex and her ‘fiance’ today. (Yes the quotation marks remain, because I can’t be unsnarky all the time) It was a god discussion. I was cordial, and possibly even a bit pleasant. It was about nothing really, just discussing jobs and my new apartment. I say balance because I still despise the situation, but am truly beyond being nasty about it. I care, but I don’t. I have dealt with those issues, mostly, and am truly in a moment of pure balance today. It feels good. It feels like, finally, things are going my way a little. I even fought the urge to make a comment on something about ‘fiance’ that could have been taken as mean and spiteful, though it would be given in jest only. He’s not worth hurting what little bit of friendship I’ve been able to regain with my ex.

I hope this trend continues.


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