March 4, 2007

Almost three months. 500 views. Crapload of entries. Do me a favor, if you see this and notice you’re the 500th blow to my ego, say hello.

Post hit 513: Okay, someone post something… I hate you so much right now…



  1. I wasn’t # 500, but I was # 514 if that helps!!! : )

  2. That’s close enough. I know this is more for me than anything, but if people are actually looking I kind of wonder what they think, too.

    This has been very therapeutic. Better than the damn therapist I was seeing. “How does it make you feel?” How is a breakup supposed to make you feel?!?!


    So give me some feedback here, BMJ. What do you like about this blog? Hate? Want to hear more about? Or maybe there’s something else not seen here you’d like to see me talk about. Help me to help you to enjoy this thing. 😛

  3. I really enjoy your blog, to be completely honest. I think you are a really great writer and you make it really easy for me to put myself in your situation and understand things. I also think you are very funny. Your post about midgets and fat chicks really had me rolling!

    I think you should definitely keep posting your daily tasks and thoughts because that is always what I enjoy the most. You know, it’s funny because your last post about your really good day made me feel good. I actually felt like I had the energy go through me that you seemed to have had. You’re so pleasant when your happy.

    My only suggestion…watch your typing because you have so many typographical errors and/or missed words and it takes away from your popular magazine rack article posts. (That was meant as a total compliment, incase it wasn’t obvious.)

  4. Yeah, it has a spellcheck, But I’m keeping it real, yo.

    And the midget interview is a true story.

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