March 2, 2007

“So what do you think about your first felafel?” she said from across the table. The pita-esque sandwhich looking thing cradled in her hands, a large bite missing from the top.
“It’s.. uh.. different…” he said, wondering what the green things were in there. He sipped from his Coke to wash away a bit of the taste. It wasn’t bad, it was just… different than what he was used to.
“It’s a bit of an acquired taste.” before another large bite of the thing.
“‘An acquired taste’ means it tastes like crap, but you eat it until you can’t taste the crap anymore.”
“You’re and asshole, you know that?”
“Yeah, I do. You remind me regularly, darlin.” he said, his slight southern drawl coming out with the rs. When he was younger he was told he had a speech impediment, but really it was more accent.
“This is good for you. You can’t eat pizza, hamburgers, and chicken fingers all the time. You’ll get fatter.”
His eyebrow rose up and hung there to enhance “Fatter? What are you implying?”
“That you would be irresistable if you actually cared about your weight. You’re not fat, but you could use some work.”
“You know, I hear rigorous sex is a good way to burn calories. Especially this one position where you’re on your head and..”
“Oh my god! Is that all you think about?”
“Yes.” before taking another bite. his arm was feeling the heat of the noon sun. He was glad to be here, and hoped he’d be back again. Sans felafel, would be best.


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