Almost nobody dances sober…

March 1, 2007

unless they happen to be insane
HP Lovecraft

Then I must be crazy, because Friday night I am going to a group ballroom dancing class, I hope.  I hope, because time may be the factor to keep me away.

I had spoken before about needing a new hobby. I had specific ideas in mind for this hobby. It must get me out of the house. It also must help me meet people. So group activities were what I needed. I eventually came to the final two activities: Fencing or dancing.

I can’tdo either, but I think dancing would be more fun right now. Plus this place I found is cheap and has group classes on Friday followed by a “dance” afterwards. I doubt I’ll be staying for the postlesson dance, but I plan on going to the class. I even have an idea on how to get a possible partner. I’ll ask Starbucks Chick.

I will approach her tomorrow night, and ask if she has plans for Friday night. If none, I’ll say “Well, I’m in a bind, and you seem like a nice girl, so I thought I’d ask you if you’d be my dance partner.”

She either won’t be there or wil have plans, I imagine, but it’s worth a shot. I don’t like going to activities by myself. Ice skating was fun, but would have been better with a partner. This is the same. Of course if I go to this I will be paired with someone. I might never go back, it’s something I’d like to try, so I figure why the hell not.

I might con my very tall goth looking friend into coming along, too. Why? Because he’s a foot taller than most people and it would be funny. Nuff said.

 How’s that sound?


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