Shinigami Redux (script idea)

February 21, 2007

Shinigami Redux 

What happens to fallen gods? Do they disappear when they are no longer worshipped, or do they remain with us? Is one your bus driver. Teacher. Lover.

Some of the old gods remain among us, fleeing to the human world and finding new ways to be worshipped instead of retiring to Cimitero dei Dii, the cemetery of the gods. The top Enma empowers a human to do this job in the world of the living. In return for five years of service they are granted one request . Walin takes the offer given in the moment before death to gain five more years of life.

The story begins in an anime convention, where Kichijōten captivates fans of her elaborate costumes and music.

Eh? What do ya think? I’ve toyed with this idea for a while, and it’s undergone many changes since it began with a guy killing demons. But I thought gods would be more interesting.


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