post-party report

February 18, 2007

Meh. While there was nothing to fear, there’s nothing exciting to report, except our hostess cannot dance well. But she thinks she can.

Such is life.

My good news for today? No hangover. The bad news? I haven’t been able to to say “Mighty fine shindig” in the correct context yet. I’m still holding out hope, though. One day I will actually be at a mighty fine shindig.



  1. I can’t believe you actually think that I think I can dance. First off, to all readers….I was “dancing” to New Kids on the Block. Now, can one actually dance to this music? Secondly, I was in my own house with a few friends. Does anyone try to look or act like they can dance under these circumstances? I had fun. Actually, I had lots of fun. I’m very sorry it was not enough to entertain everyone….but I was entertained and it kicked off a great “Girl’s Weekend.” This shindig may not get the trophy for “Most Exciting Party of the Year,” However, everyone drank and ate on my buck, so why would anyone even complain? It hurts the hostess’ feelings a little….

  2. Not complaining, darlin. The dancing is the thing I will always remember. No matter how hard I try not to. 😛

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