my writings and britney spears

February 18, 2007

My musings are inspired by my actual life. Those that know me, know this already. Those that don’t didn’t.  Maybe it was obvious though. heh

Either way, they are what I remember. My memory is shit. So there will be gaps. Bits and pieces left out, intentional and otherwise forgotten. Not to mention, my writing is terrible. But I do so enjoy it.

On a final note, Britney Spears shaved her head. Guess she decided to make the drapes match the carpet. I can’t stand her music, but she ain’t that bad looking generally. The shaved head isn’t too bad on her. While I didn’t think the same of Sinead O’Connor, I do here. I think maybe it’s the fact that she’s obviously going insane. Or maybe because she’s shedding that pop princess image that was hers for so long. Ladies and gentlemen, Britney Spears has left the childhood of her career behind, and all we can hope is that she is welladjusted. All signs point to no right now, but perhaps her career is in rebellious teen mode now. Either way, you look better without the hair, Britney. Now just work on those parenting skills and I might give you a chance someday.


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