comics comics everywhere, but which ones should i read

February 15, 2007

I read a lot of online comics. Here’s some of my favorites. I came across most of them by accident, because I get bored at work and look for a distraction. Most update regularly, and I recommend starting from the beginning. There are more, but I’ll post them as I think about it.

http://vgcats.com/ : Basically VG Cats, or Videogame Cats, is a webcomic about videogames along the lines of Penny Arcade.

http://scarygoround.com : It started off as a comic about barmaids Tessa and Rachel, then it became more about Shelley Winters and her bizarre escapades. But change hangs in the air like a big, hungry bat, and at any time it could strike.

http://www.leasticoulddo.com/ : A daily comic about Rayne and his friends. Lots of sexual jokes and such, but nothing pornographic. Close, but not quite. I like the writer. He puts news posts up, and sometimes they contain jewels of profound wisdom. Sometimes it’s just ridiculous. Always entertaining.

http://www.questionablecontent.net/ : A coffee shop, a few girls, a few guys, lots of relationship woes, and a talking robot/computer/MP3 player/porn addict. Doesn’t get much better than that.

http://www.applegeeks.com : Hawk is a geeky Mac guy. He built a robot. It started off as a comedy comic, with a daily joke and such. The art was crude to start, but has evolved into something quite spectacular. The stories became longer and spanned several comics. Ananth is the writer, and his other works can be found at http://www.ahpcreate.com.

http://www.megatokyo.com : Another comic that started as a daily gag, but evolved into quite an interesting love story. While it is still at times funny, the big draw is the relationships between characters. The art is pretty unique at times as well.


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