smells like Mexico

February 13, 2007

When I went to Mexico to see someone special for a week, I came back home with a bottle of cocoa butter lotion.

In Mexico I was obligated to give a massage, because I had been known to boast that I’m pretty good at it. That claim remains true, as I still receive few complaints. She had brought the lotion, and I was directed to use that during massages. One a day at least was given. At the end of the trip it wound up in my bag. I have dry skin, and she said I should use it.

I use it still, sometimes, and when I do I think of her, and a small one bed room at a Mexican resort. The screen door open allowing the smells and sounds of the nearby ocean to sing me to sleep. Of waking to a beautiful scenery off the small deck. Dinners on the beach. Drinks at the pool. Taking the ferry. So many things. I remember the whole trip again, when I use the lotion.

My good news today  is, I used that lotion. I can remember what she felt, looked, smelled, and tasted like. While that does make me a bit sad, because I can’t have a woman I desire greatly, it makes me feel good to remember a beautiful place with a beautiful woman.


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