i’ve got the music in me

February 5, 2007

I have a friend who plays music. He has a drum machine and a couple guitars. I have challenged him. We are writing a song for the previously mentioned video project. So far I can tell I can’t play drums or guitar. I know I don’t sing well, but I’m not that concerned. I’m enjoying it.

What was god today? A while back on my old WoW guild forums a guy messaged me. He was extremely depressed, in the closet, and apparently suicidal. He came to me and asked my advice. I gave what I could, and he felt better in the end. Today I know I may have helped save a life.

He saw my postings about being down lately, and wrote me. He said if there’s one thing I can point to in my life and say I did something good it’s that he didn’t down a bottle of oxycodone that night. Talking to me helped him not to kill himself. I’m just glad he’s feeling better about himself.

Do I feel heroic? No. I did what I would like to think someone would eb kind enough to do for me. I gave selflessly. Honestly, I didn’t do much. But that’s my good news today. I saved the life of a kid on the edge. Maybe I am a hero after all.


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