January 12, 2007

If you’ve found this, I’ll be shocked and amazed and wonder if I know who the hell you are. You may know me as Wailin the Shaman or Walin the Warrior. You may know me as an asshole, in which case you’re right, and if not you soon will, I imagine.

 The purpose of starting this is therapy through creativity. I have ideas dance in my head from time to time, and figure I could put it down for the world to see. Or a handful of people. Whichever. At any rate, watch here for bad poetry, horrible prose, and perhaps minor hints at an emotional breakdown during a time of what I have come to learn is called the “quarter-life crisis”.

 Perhaps this blog will last longer than the others. Short lifespans on these things. You’re either really dedicated or really bored to keep one longer than a week. Both are daagerous in their own ways, of course.

 Anywho, if you actually come across this, leave a comment. Even just a series of dots is fine.



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